• Molly Ann Luna

72: How To Be A Visionary

We all have the desire to become the greatest possible version of our own self. It doesn’t matter how much we have achieved or where we stand in life at the moment, there’s is always a higher level to be reached. In today’s episode, we would like to give you 3 simple ways you can reach that higher level and become a visionary.

What is a visionary?

A visionary is someone who has created a product, service or stands up for something they believe will benefit the world. Everyone has a vision within them, no matter how small or grand it may be. That vision is just dying to be released.

3 Steps to Becoming a Visionary

So reactivate that imagination and tap into your potential by following these steps… Create a new story. Become completely immersed with your vision. Make sure you see things as they are, not any worse than they are. Welcome ideas but never stray from your own vision. Believe in yourself and know that your voice matters. Hold the image. Make sure your image will not only change your life but the lives of others. Then, hold on to that image. Picture it and try to experience anything that brings you closer to that next level. Place reminders around your home and start bringing your vision to life.

The grander the vision, the more steps it will take to reach that highest level. Always remember what good it will do for everyone if you make your vision come to life. Change your state. Create new habits.

Start implementing the steps to making your vision come true. For example, if your vision is to become a writer so that you can spread an important message or messages, begin writing at least ten minutes a day. Creating new habits will trick your nervous system into operating differently.

So what do we mean by tricking your nervous system and how can it be done? Well, the easiest way to start is to create new, healthier habits that will bring you closer to your vision. NEVER focus on the things you DON’T want or you’re only feeding them into existence. Count and track your milestones along the way. Doing this will only encourage you to reach your vision faster. 

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