• Molly Ann Luna

70: Should I Go To College?

In this day and age, many people are wondering whether or not college is worth attending. Of course, we need further education to gain degrees or to reach our career goals in some aspects, but is college always the answer?  

Not everyone has the same viewpoint on college educations. For instance, Kevin Leary from the show Shark Tank finds it outrageous that we expect our youth to get out of high school and immediately enroll into college just to take on thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt. College doesn’t teach us how to deal with debt or real life issues, but instead, it teaches us about specific topics or niches of our choosing. However, it isn’t always good nor is it always bad to be stuck learning a specific niche. It depends on how you use your college experience to move forward. As Mark Twain once said, “Don’t let your schooling get in the way of your education.”

3 Reasons to Go to College

To expand your education or to learn a specific skill or subject (although college isn’t the only answer to further education).If you are absolutely certain that you want a career that needs the education you will receive from attending college to learn without expectations.

3 Reasons College Might Not Be Right for You

Those with entrepreneurial minds may not benefit as much from college. Entrepreneurship isn’t nourished as much as it should be in schools.If you aren’t sure what it is that you want to do in life yet, you may not want to start actively working toward a specific degree.If you seek life experience first. Life experience is the key element to truly learning what it is you want to do as well as who you’d like to become in your lifetime.

For entrepreneurial mindsets, remember that life experience and self discovery are extremely important. It will likely benefit you to take some time to explore and discover the world a little more after high school before you jump right on board the college train with all of your peers. Employers not only seek those with degrees but those with real life application. In many cases, the experience you gain will heavily outweigh your proof of education.

Nonetheless, no one wants a surgeon conducting their surgery if they haven’t a degree to prove their capable of conducting the surgery. So, depending on what you want to be in life, a degree may or may not prove beneficial.

As Molly once learned, A students work for B students, C students run the business, and D students build the buildings. Take what you will from that but it goes to show that everyone is equally essential in this life regardless of the educational path they chose to take. While some people are cut out for college, others are not and that doesn’t make anyone right or wrong.

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