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69: How To Be A Successful Online Entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur? Despite what you see through social media, it takes a real special person to live the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

You may be wondering if you are cut out to be an online entrepreneur. It seems so easy to sustain and manage a lifestyle that doesn’t confine you behind the walls of someone else’s business or dream. BUT, before you leave your job, make sure you have the core characteristics of what it takes to be someone who walks away from their 9 to 5 and steps into entrepreneurship.

3 (Bonus Tip Included) Key Characteristics You Must Have In Order To Be a Comfortable and Successful Entrepreneur

You Need to Be a Scholar and Implement It All of the most successful entrepreneurs are scholars. They are constantly learning, researching and investing in their continued education to become more knowledgeable of mastering their expertise. Be willing to study yourself and all other relevant topics to bring it all in and become a success. You not only need to be a scholar but someone who practices and implements what they learn along the way. You can read a book all day but unless you practice what you learn from it, what does it do for you? Learn and earn. Take immediate action.

You Must Have Thick SkinThere is nothing more challenging than personal development. You must be someone who is willing to take the good with the bad. You will get criticism from others but more often than not, you’ll get criticism from yourself. There will be a lot of bumps, setbacks and failures along the way of your entrepreneurial journey. Everyone (even yourself) has an opinion of your business, services, goods… keep moving and silence the criticism unless you can find merit through beneficial criticism. Use it to grow your online business. Be a person of discernment.

No Guts. No Glory.Sounds scary, huh? Be the person who unapologetically promotes themself. Not in a superficial, spammy way but as someone who is trying to reach an audience that they can help with their services and/or goods. Come from a heartful place but have the guts to promote yourself.

BONUS TIP- Believe In What You Are OfferingWholeheartedly believe in and understand what it is you have to offer people. Know that you are not actually servicing people by not letting them know what you have to offer especially if it is helpful to them in some way. Being proud of what you have to offer will only lead to shameless self promotion. Take a few minutes to watch this episode of Coffee with MoJo to learn more about self-promotion and the ins and outs of successful online entrepreneurship. Then, if you would like to join in the fun and further conversation, subscribe to our email list to become a MoJo Insider!

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