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71: How To Get More Followers - *WARNING* Stop doing THIS A.S.A.P!

First and foremost, stop seeking more followers. Instead, collect collaborators. That’s right. Let’s get real- no one wants to be referred to as a “follower.” It seems relatively demeaning especially when those are the people that believe in your vision and are following you to learn and to possibly collaborate with you in future endeavors. They’re not following you to copycat your every move. They too are individuals with a vision. So, if you wish to spread your message and to gain the respect of all the possible collaborators out there, remember these three important things... 1.) Be a Visionary - Always do your best to spread your message and to create a vision not just for yourself but for the business. When you’re constantly trying to grow and actively looking for co-collaborators, people will follow suit. These people will be the ones that share your interest and vision, helping you push it further into reality. 2.) Create a Co-Creative Environment - Through your social media presence, stay active talking to all the collaborators following you. Gain feedback and insight, ask questions and truly try to participate with everyone you are connected with. Tend to everyone to make sure they feel human and sincerely involved by keeping a dialogue. Bring entertainment and build community. 3.) Celebrate - Give praise and thanks to those that chime into conversations with bright, fresh ideas or new angles on how to approach something. Always give credit where credit is due. For example, you have a great idea that you want to put into motion and although you may want to implement it on your own, it may be better to implement it with the help of another visionary or collaborator. You have to leave your ego behind to create bigger and better. Always acknowledge those that bring something to the table. So if you wish to gain more influencers and collaborators on your social media platforms, come join us in the MoJo Insider’s Room over on Facebook! Let’s start chatting, learning, influencing, and growing!

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