• Molly Ann Luna

58: BE A GREAT LEADER | 3 Quick & Simple Must Do’s (20 Years of Military Leadership)

Every fortune 500 company has a philosophy for leadership that they swear by. Judging by their success, I’d say there’s something to it. There are some people who are natural born leaders, just like some people are natural born singers. What both these abilities have in common is that they can be taught and MASTERED.

Molly and I served in the United States Army for a combined 20 years. The military is big on leadership at every level. Because of that, they take a simple approach to the topic. The Army defines leadership as the ability to influence others by providing PURPOSE, DIRECTION and MOTIVATION. That’s it!

Not only can you be a better leader in your workplace, at school or your place of employment, applying these principles to yourself can ensure you’re a better in your own life.

To convey a clear purpose means that your subordinates know they matter as well as their day to day contributions to your company, etc.

Giving clear direction takes the ambiguity out of their understanding, giving your employees a through line they can comprehend and follow.

To provide motivation is simply to answer this one very crucial question…WHY?

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