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67: Is Having A Job A Bad Thing?

In the age of social media, everyone raves about the laptop lifestyle and entrepreneurship like it is the end all, be all thing. Guess again because it takes hard work, determination and even investing. There are many reasons to have a job. I mean, after all we must make some kind of money if we are to survive these days. Nevertheless, is it worth it to quit your job upon entering the entrepreneurial world? Since we do not know enough about you yet to answer this question with certainty, we have decided to supply you with the three main advantages that come with having a 9 to 5 job.

3 Benefits of Having a Job

Stay In Your Job If You Love What You Are Doing First and foremost, ask yourself “Do I love my job?” It is extremely important to LOVE (not just like) your job. If you feel anything less, you may want to explore new career options. As discussed in a previous video, we informed everyone of the 12 fundamentals of wealth. Money was at the very bottom of the list. Why? Because the fulfillment and happiness you get from your line of work should be at the top of the list. You don’t need to quit your job to smartly leverage yourself online and you don’t necessarily have to dedicate all your time and energy in the online business world if you are fulfilled in your current career. There’s nothing wrong with looking for an earning cap and to increase the amount of money you earn while employed. It’s a beneficial to have a job that nurtures your soul.

Stay In Your Job If It’s Providing You Stability to Find Your Purpose You need to earn some money while you figure out your purpose. Keep a job until you find what it is that you want to do. A job brings in stability and income to pay for things like a roof over your head, food, etc. You need money to get by in life. So manage your time wisely while you figure out what it is you truly want to do. A job gives you the ability to spend the rest of your day exploring your purpose. If you have to know when your workday ends, a job is great for that. The entrepreneurial online business life blends together your home and career life.

Stay In Your Job If You Figure Out a Way to Leverage It To Fund Your Side Hustle The entrepreneurial life requires capital. Your job can help you save or to invest in coaches, courses and seminars in relation to the online business you dream of. Let’s be honest- starting a business will cost money. You cannot start a business for free (although there are free ways to build up your content and to leverage online as Molly teaches in her course the Income Amplifier). The course is not free but it is an investment in yourself. Ultimately, you need money to leverage your life and get where you want.

​Unless you deeply love your job, you are building someone else’s dream. So if it’s less than love- build your own dream and quit the job! Invest in the right people, developments and courses to make your dream of online success a reality.

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