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63: Stop Being Afraid of Failure Learn to Embrace It

If you’ve ever tried to pursue anything from riding a bike to becoming your own boss, it’s highly likely you failed. Wow, what a way to start a blog, huh? Here’s the good news, failure is good. Not only is failure good, but it’s necessary. 

First thing to remember is that failure is feedback. Inside every failure is an important lesson or clue to succeed. When a child falls while attempting to walk, their unsuccessful attempt gives them feedback in order to try it differently. Same goes with every aspect of life. 

I’m currently writing a teleplay and I’ve been through draft after in the pursuit on making it sellable to the market. As frustrating as it can be, with every failed draft, there were clues to make it better. No matter what draft you’re on in your pursuits, trust and believe that you are getting better.

The cool thing about failure is that if you allow it, it can take you to your edge. I’ll use the bench press for example (or squat if you happen to love leg day). It’s not until you’re unable to lift that weight off your chest that you come face-to-face with your limit or your wall. In order to lift that weight unassisted some day, you’ll have to come face-to-face with that weight every day you train chest, until one day, you lift it unassisted. Face your walls of failure everyday until you gain the strength, tenacity and/or skill to send that wall crumbling.

Finally, failure can take you further. Once you’ve knocked down that wall, you open up more possibilities in your life and more challenges. 

Myself and my lovely wife, Molly Ann discuss the importance of embracing failure in a bit more detail in this video. Check it out and leave a comment telling us what failure you learn to embrace.

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