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66: How To Create A Better Self Image

Of course, it a lot easier to let the outside world dictate how you are and who you are but there is absolutely a better way. You have the freedom to choose your legacy and we will show you how.

In order to be successful in any line of work or area of life, you must have a positive self-image. Fortunately, there are many ways you can view yourself in a better light. Your self-reflection will only encourage a more fruitful life if you learn how to develop a better image of yourself. ​

3 Things You Must Do In Order to Develop a Better Self Image

The World’s a Stage and We Are All Actors You’re probably wondering how having a positive self-image is so important. Although there is nothing necessarily wrong with having a poor self-image, positive mindsets lead to positive things. As Hamlet by Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ​ Something to recognize if you’re in a space where you’re not happy with how you look or how you feel is that you have the power to make the change. Try to view yourself as an actor. You are either going to play the lead role or the supporting role. Look inward to improve your self-image if you wish to gain the respect you want from those in the outside world. Never idolize unrealistic expectations. You can only be you and you can only fulfill what you are capable of. Remember, that you are beautiful, unique, amazing being and you have the power to control how you view yourself as well as how others view you.

Create a New Avatar Ask yourself “What do I want to become?” Write down the things you wish to be whether it is an athlete, musician, entrepreneur, etc. Create a person- a role for yourself. By taking inventory or your characteristics, priorities, your passions, your dreams and choosing to reshape that Avatar, you are creating the role you want to play.

Imagine Life Walking In a New Avatar’s Shoes Ask yourself what your Avatar’s routine might look like on a day to day basis. Do they wake up every morning at 5 am? Do they start their day by going to church first? Do they find ways to consistently grow their success? Are they working out every day? Will you find happiness living this life you dream of?

Don’t get caught up thinking that your past, parent’s financial situation growing up, or past decisions define who you are. The only thing that defines you in this very moment is YOU. You have the power to change your Avatar at any time. Not just physically, but more importantly- inward.

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