• Molly Ann Luna

62: How To Increase Your Personal Happiness

Happiness is something everyone deserves and the best part is that it’s within your control to experience it. In this episode, Molly Ann and Jovan discuss three simple ways to increase your personal happiness.

The first thing you must consider are your human needs. Anthony Robbins, a prolific self help expert, states that there are six human needs that must be met in order to have a full, happy life. Those needs are contribution, variety, love/ connection, growth, certainty and significance.

There might be a need or two that you find to be more important than the other, but it’s a combination of the six that creates happiness.

Next you must understand your core values. If you’ve ever been faced with a situation that seemed great and promising, yet you were left with a pit in your stomach, it’s likely that the opportunity went against what you truly value. After all, you shouldn’t take a high paying cubicle job if you value interpersonal communication.

Finally you need to put a plan into action. After you've identified your core values and developed an understanding of your human needs, you’ll need to put pen to paper and create a plan around those parameters. Odds are, you can make some big changes where you are right now.

For a more in depth analysis, watch the video and be ready to go to your happy place.

Bonus Links:  http://core.tonyrobbins.com/driving-force-2 www.mindcoolness.com/blog/find-out-your-core-values/

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