• Molly Ann Luna

60: How To Take Charge of Your Life

What visionaries like Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Jeff Bezos have in common is that they stopped being the passengers in their lives, got behind the wheel and paved their own way. In this episode, Molly and I will show you three ways you can take charge in your own life.

The first thing you need to do is identify your role in your life. Are currently in a reactionary position-meaning that you “react and respond” to what life throws at you? If you are, it’s time to recognize this very important fact…YOU happen to life and NOT the other way around! Start to look at ways in your life that you can take charge. It might be just one thing, but after a while, you’ll have the reigns on your life before you know it.

Second, you need to know your worth. Oftentimes we sell ourselves short. Maybe we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others that are more successful, more beautiful, etc.

Understand that you have one key ingredient that NO ONE can possess and that’s…YOU! Your unique perspective and outlook on life and its challenges is a vein of gold just waiting to be tapped!

Finally, you have to take action. Find your vein of gold and tap it for all it’s worth!

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